Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cymatics testing software

for cymatics testing



Hans Jenny

Here's the link to Hans Jenny Cymatics book.

And his video on youtube



Agenda from Meeting 27th July for 3rd August

(Contact Dina, Lucy and Aine)

1. Research

2. Plate materials - choose plates to offer best results

3. Airborne or electronic waves - which offers best results and technological research

4. Make models to explore research and develop techniques appropriate to the project.


Is there scope for ‘representaion’ of the sound of each proportioned box using cymatics?

Can this be integrated into the construction of the canopy?

Can we use airborne sound waves or is electronic manipulation required.

Conduct tests exploring these questions as follows:

Models to examine potential of airborne sound.

Models to develop electronic manipulation (electronics research and developing technology).

Models to examine different vibrating surfaces such as glass / metal of varying thicknesses.

Develop best method of representation in project and present findings next monday 3rd August at 8pm.